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AB Group Shipping Corp. has many services to meet the needs of all its customers.


Thinking about moving? We are the experts in all types of moving, whether international or domestic. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to get your belongings to their destination in perfect condition and within the specified time. No matter the size of the moving - from full 20- 40 foot containers or loose cargo. Please contact us and a representative will get in touch with you and will advise and guide you from the first steps to the moment you are reunited with your belongings in your new home or location.

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Through an internet ad, a friend or relative, you contact AB Group Shipping Corp. This is how we will get preliminary information about your main concerns, city of origin, destination, and the times estimated for the moving.

One of our representatives will review your request and then explain fully the details of your moving. The representative will give you all the necessary information and take note of the physical measurements of your moving.

After collecting all the necessary information (times, packing, origin, destination, etc.), we will present the final budget. Once it is approved, we will sign the contract.

On the agreed day, your personal effects will be packed (if this service has been contracted). Depending on the service contracted, all your belongings will be taken in trucks or containers will be sent to your door to load them.

The office of AB Group Shipping Corp. handles the relevant customs clearance documents and paperwork (bookings, BLs, Customs, etc.) for your belongings to be transported by sea, air or land to their final destination.

We deliver all of your belongings to the door of your house (if you have contracted for Door-to-Door service) or to the relevant destination port.


When making an international moving, one of the first things to remember is to determine the size of container you will need to transport your personal effects. We also have to consider whether vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc.) will also be moved. Basically containers come in 2 sizes. The larger one is a 40-foot container, and the smaller one is a 20-foot. Please note that if your belongings are not enough to fill the 20-foot container, AB Group Shipping Corp will still do the moving without any problem by shipping them in a consolidated or loose cargo container. See the table below to determine the container that best fits your needs.




■ To removals 1 bedroom or studio with few pieces of furniture.

■ Motorcylce shipping.

■ For removal of apartments of 1 room, game room and dining room or living room.

■ Shipment of vehicles (cars, vans, SUV)

■ For removal of two bedroom houses, including bedroom set, dining and living room.

■ Shipment of vehicles (cars, vans, SUV)

Size: from 1m3 to 15m3. If the removal is greater should hire a 20ft container.


20' x 8' x 8'6" (6m x 2.43m x 2.59m)


STD: 40' x 8 'x 8'6" (12.19m x 2.43m x 2.59m)

HC: 40' x 8 'x 9'6" (12.19m x 2.43m x 2.89m)



Over the years we have put together an extensive list of questions that our customers themselves have asked about International Moving. We know that most people have the same concerns, and so we decided to make a list of the relevant answers. Click this link to see them:


Below, we provide links containing relevant information on different areas related to International Moving. Select the country about which you want to obtain information (Spanish):

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AB Group Shipping Corp also manages moving for companies and businesses looking to relocate their offices within or outside the United States, as well as for foreign parties who need to open new branches in the United States.


In this type of moving, due to the operating costs involved,  prior planning is essential, because for the company in question to begin to work and operate normally it requires quick and efficient moving.


So a highly trained supervisor will be designated to attend to even the smallest details, in both the old and the new locations.


We also have staff trained in packing, moving of servers, computers and fragile equipment, motion sensitive files and documentation; all this because of the critical importance of speed and efficiency in the moving process.