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hints and tips

When undertaking a moving, whether national or international, adequate preparation is necessary and, most importantly, everything must be organized so that it can be executed satisfactorily and smoothly. Based on our experience and that of our customers, we provide below an overview of things to consider:

8 weeks in advance

■ Contact AB Group Shipping to get an idea of the times, costs and other requirements of a moving.

■ Sort and separate the furniture, clothes, appliances, etc. that will be included in the moving. You can have a garage sale with the leftovers.

■ In a separate box or a folder place all important documents (passports, certificates, receipts, estimates, etc.)

6 weeks in advance

■ If you will be moving to another city, sort out matters having to do with: new home, new school, medical services, etc.

■ Start packing boxes with clothes, ornaments, books and things that will not be used until you get to the new address.

■ In the case of an international moving, make arrangements to obtain the relevant certificates and documents at your country’s consulate.

4 weeks in advance

■ Contact utility services (water, gas, electricity, telephone, etc.) to request disconnection at the end of the month.

■ If you are taking a car or motorcycle, update all documentation relating to insurance, registration, etc.

1 week in advance

■ Begin dismantling and packing furniture, mattresses, tables, chairs, etc. You can also hire this service from AB Group.

■ Make a packing list of all your belongings.  Click here to see an example.

■ Label boxes with their contents. Example: bedding, sheets, towels, ornaments, etc.

■ If you live in an apartment, get permission for the use of the lift and / or the manager of your condo or area on the due date.

Moving Day

■ Depending on each case, an agent from AB Group Shipping and a moving team will arrive at your home.

■ AB Group Shipping will take charge of carefully moving your belongings to the truck or container.

■ Give AB Group Shipping all the required documentation (packing list, certificates, vehicle titles, etc.)


Over the years we have put together an extensive list of questions that our customers themselves have asked about International Moving. We know that most people have the same concerns, and so we decided to make a list of the relevant answers. Click this link to see them:



Over the years we've compiled an extensive list of hints and tips to help our customers when making a move. We know that most people have the same concerns, that is why we decided to make a list of these tips. Click the following link to see them:


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